Who are we?

We are a Community Church

Our activities are not limited by membership or to religious ceremony. We hold various activities for all ages. As a community church we welcome you to join us.

We are a Multicultural Church

Jesus said that the House of God is a “House of prayer for all nations.” Although our services are held in English we are not restricted by language or culture. All are welcome here!

We are a Caring Church

The instructions of Christ to his disciples included the care of the poor and the feeding of the hungry. We live in difficult times when many, even in our community, find themselves in need. At LCA we believe that we must not simply preach the Good News, but we must roll up our sleeves and practice the Word.

What we believe

While our statement of faith discusses our doctrine, there is one overriding factor which forms and governs our belief: the Word of God, written and living!

We are a Bible Based Church

We believe the Bible is God’s Word to mankind. In it we can find all the necessary instructions for life and spiritual health. It is this Word that is the foundation for everything we do.

We are a Bible Preaching Church

The Bible tells the Good New of Jesus Christ coming to earth, His death and resurrection, which provides an entrance for man to a new relationship with God. This alone is our message. We believe it, and preach it.

We are a Bible Teaching Church

The world is filled with many good books, but there is only one “Good Book!” The Bible is so important to us that we believe in teaching it to both young and old. Imagine what a great community we could have if politics and philosophies were put aside and everyone knew and followed the instruction of the Bible – God’s Word.